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Florida Disney World Vacation

***This is a Fair Warning to you, this is a very long post with lots of pictures and fun adventures of our week in Florida!

**Also remember you can always click on the picture to make them larger.

We went on a family fun vacation down to Orlando, Florida; we had a very busy but fun packed week with my little sister, Alicia. I really think we all needed a vacation after the vacation because we were all so tired, but we have memories that will last a lifetime and that was the whole purpose of the trip.

We arrived in Florida the afternoon of Tuesday March 11th, checked into our hotel, then headed to Downtown Disney to meet up with my sister as she was just getting off work. We walked around looking at the shops talking, catching up and eating dinner.

Wednesday the 12th we woke up early to have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s which started our magical experience with meeting Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto while we ate our delicious all you can eat buffet of breakfast goodies. Our favorite items were the Mickey waffles!

Chef Mickey'sAfter breakfast we headed over to Magic Kingdom starting with the Buzz ride, then moving to Space Mountain because there was not a long wait and we could use our fast pass on other rides. Jaymz was unsure about Space Mountain, but ended up liking it because it was fast and a big kid ride. While at Magic Kingdom we met more characters and was able to go on lots of the rides because it wasn’t all that busy due to it being a week day in the spring and a little rainy.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin   Space Mountain
Stitch   Tea Cups
Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck

We ate lunch at Be Our Guest, which was a great surprise for me because I thought they only served dinner as a sit down 5 corse meal and I was not going to do that with 2 kids! Lunch was a quick service meal only until 2pm, but a very long wait and in the end not really worth it to me, although it was fun to be able to eat in the ballroom since Jaymz had seen it on TV and wanted to eat there.

Eating at Be Our Guest, Quick ServiceThe rain cleared by 3pm for the parade. We got to see a brand new parade that was revealed to the public just the Sunday before we came! It was great and the kids loved it!

Magic Kingdom's Parade FavoritesAfter the parade we went on some more rides, purchased some Mickey ears for the boys, met up with talking Mickey and said goodbye to aunt Alicia who was tired and needed to get home to her dog. Brandon and I then found a spot for the light parade and fireworks. I stayed at the spot with Kalvyn, who was sleeping, while Jaymz and Brandon went on another ride and looked around. We watched the parade and fireworks. We waited for the crowd to clear and then got a picture of us in front of the castle kissing since 11 years ago to the day Brandon asked me to officially be his girlfriend and date exclusively! If you look closely at the picture you can see what happens after 11 years and how we didn’t even care that we were photo bombed. The photographer wanted to take another picture, but we decided it was too late at night and that we should head back to our hotel. Jaymz wanted to take to monorail back. We got to the transportation center and found out there was not a bus back to our hotel from there so we had to ride it back to Magic Kingdom and then get on a bus from there. My poor boys were so tired with only standing room on the bus Jaymz started falling asleep standing so someone offered their spot to him and he crashed.

My Boys with their Mickey Ears   Kisses at the Castle
Magic Kingdom

Before we headed to Epcot on Thursday the 13th we let the boys sleep in a little bit since we were so off schedule and were up so late. We enjoyed walking around Epcot, eating food as we went along, since it was the Flower and Garden Festival with a lot of fun topiaries around. Instead of walking the boys raced together, it was really cute watching them play so well. Kalvyn was so cute getting into position at the starting line, we took a bunch of pictures! We also met Mulan, Aladdin, and Jasmine while walking around the world.

Walkin Around Epcot Eating Dole Whip   Epcot Flower and Garden Festival
Racing Through Epcot   Mulan, Aladdin, and Jasmine

Jaymz has been learning about coral reefs at school; making the Nemo ride, looking at the aquariums, and talking to the scuba diver a great learning experience. He also really enjoyed the Test Track, creating 2 cars and going really fast on the ride twice, making it the best ride/activity of the day!

Test Track   Epcot

Friday the 14th, we woke up early to spend the day at Hollywood Studios. This was my favorite park. We started with meeting Buzz and Woody then going on the ride! We then went over and met Vanellope & Ralph and Frozone & Mr. Incredible. While waiting in line, Brandon took the boys around to animation stations, they really enjoyed finding out what character they are like. Then, we went on my favorite ride and Jaymz’s least favorite ride…the Tower of Terror. We lived through it and Jaymz was very proud of himself, but asked never to go on it again…ever.

Buzz, Woody, Ralph, Vanellope, Frozone, and Mr. Incredible   The Hollywood Tower Hotel

We then ate lunch quickly at Pizza Planet (from Toy Story) so we could make it to Kalvyn’s favorite thing…the Disney Junior Show. After the show we met Jake from Jake & the Neverland Pirates (1st character Kalvyn stood by without his thumb in his mouth and out of mom or dad’s arms). We only rode on one more ride, Star Tours.   The only other one we would have been interested in was Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but the line was too long and we did not put it as a fast pass and Jaymz was just a couple inches too short to ride it.

Meeting Jake from the Neverland PiratesWe had a little time before dinner at the 50’s Primetime Cafe, so we went to play on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground…best decision ever! Both boys loved it and didn’t want to leave!

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground

We ate dinner, which I was super excited about, but was greatly disappointed with. I made sure to make reservations so we could eat at a table with an old TV, to then be told we didn’t fit at that table. We decided Kalvyn could sit on my lap so we could be at that table, which worked out because he fell asleep in the carrier as we waited to be seated.  He ended up sleeping through dinner and woke up as we ordered dessert. The food was good, but super overpriced (more than other Disney places in my opinion). Our server was fun but that was it, we had to push our limits with her to get her to say anything about our elbows being on the table or not eating our veggies before dessert, not what I read up on before I made the reservation. All in all it was fun, I guess I just expected more and was a little disappointed with the service and price.

Eating at 50's Prime Time CafeAfter dinner Jaymz asked to go on Star Tours again and to make a lightsabor. I said we could go on the ride one more time and that we would think about the lightsabor and maybe do it another day. As we walked out of the gift shop (the exit of the ride) to head back to the hotel there was someone recruiting kids for the Jedi training show. We talked Jaymz into doing it. He loved getting trained and fighting Darth Vader to become a young padawan (he was super cute and talked about it the rest of the trip). Brandon was one proud Papa!

Disney's Star Wars Jedi Training   Hollywood Studios

Our last park to go to was Animal Kingdom on Saturday the 15th.  I was also excited to meet my sister’s boyfriend for the 1st time, since he had the day off, and joined us for a day of fun! We started the day with meeting Pooh and Tigger. We then went on Dinosaur and ate a lunch that I packed.

Meeting Pooh and Tiger   Dinosaur

We went to ride a different dinosaur ride, but Jaymz ended up not being tall enough, so we went on Triceratop Spin which Kalvyn could go on as well and he was thrilled! We walked over to Everest and went on that ride as well.

Tricepatop Spin
Expedition Everest   Expedition Everest Conquered

After Everest we started to head to the Safari Tour but stopped to meet Baloo and King Louie along the way. We then decided to miss the parade to keep going to make sure we could go on a Safari. I am sad because I didn’t end up taking any pictures while on the Safari!

Baloo and King LouieNext, was to go to Rafiki’s Planet Watch by train, which Kalvyn loved riding the choo choo! Outside the building to meet Rafiki we played some games with Chip and Dale and then we met them, had them sign the autograph books, and Kalvyn made the big leap to hugging them by himself. We then went into meet Rafiki, but Kalvyn was too not interested, he just wanted to look at all the animals and bugs that were out to see.

Chip and Dale   Rafiki

Lastly, we met Doug and Russell from Up and took some pictures in front of the Tree of Life before heading for an early evening at home.

Doug and Russell from Up   Animal Kingdom

The next morning, Sunday the 16th, we went to Cocoa Beach and baked in the sun! It was a little too cold and way too windy to swim, but we enjoyed watching a kitesurfing competition, collecting sea shells, walking along the beach, and PLAYING in the sand! I say we baked in the sun because we really did…I put sunscreen on us but I guess not very well and we all got good sunburns!

Cocoa BeachOur last full day in Florida was Monday, March 17th, St. Patricks Day! We went to Downtown Disney to get some family photos. Kalvyn was not interested in getting pictures so we got what we could, got embarrassed, and got out of there! I now remember why we don’t have professional pictures of when Jaymz was 2 years old!

Family Pictures in Disney WorldWe did some shopping while at Downtown Disney, then decided to head over to Hollywood Studios to do what Jaymz wanted to do for his last hurrah…Star Tours once again (his 4th and final ride). He also wanted to make a double lightsabor for his souvenir. Thank goodness for my sister and her tickets, because it poured rain all day and with us all exhausted, sun burned, wet, and hungry we quickly went on the ride, made a lightsabor with Jaymz, ate lunch, and went back to the hotel to rest and pack up. We also canceled going back out in the rain to go to Downtown Disney, where there was celebrations at an Irish Pub for St. Patrick’s Day, to instead eat at our hotel.

Tuesday the 18th, Brandon woke up early to sneak out of the room to purchase Frozen from the hotel gift shop, the day it came out (perks of staying at Disney). I then surprised the boys later on our flight home by letting them watching it!

Watching Frozen on the Plane Ride Home

It was a bitter sweet day…I was happy to head home, get back on a routine, and to sleep in my own bed, but also very sad to say goodbye to my sister and the warm weather. Oh what a week of fun in Florida! We want to shout out a special thank you to my little sister, Alicia, for helping make it happen, spending her vacation time with us, and making this a wonderful trip with memories to last a lifetime…we love you!

*On a little side note: I am extremely happy that we purchased Memory Maker through Disney. We got so many wonderful pictures that I would suggest this to anyone going to make this purchase! Yes, we could have taken our own photos (and we did), but I didn’t have to worry and I got to experience Disney for my 1st time without worrying about capturing pictures of everything. We got all the ride pictures and it was also fun to see Jaymz’s reactions to the magic shots (having Tinker Bell in our hands, Stitch sitting next to him, etc). We used Brandon’s phone when there was not someone available to take pictures and my sister also gave me a bunch of pictures she took, because I am a freak when it comes to pictures and I never seem to have enough!

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Our Trip to Utah

We took a trip to Utah last week and over the weekend for my 10 year high school reunion and it was the perfect timing too because Denver was pretty much under water with all the flash flooding!

We arrived in Orem late Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning after driving the complete way in pretty much a down poor of rain, with only a few minute breaks here and there. Brandon had to work Wednesday and I hurt my foot the day before so we took the day easy playing at Brandon’s dad’s house. That evening we stopped by to visit my younger siblings and have dinner with them. Kalvyn is at the cute age of mimicking everything, here is a picture of him trying to lay like my brother, Dakota in the grass.

Just Like Him

On Thursday we had an open lunch at Zupas for anyone who wanted to see and chat with us. We had a great turn out with: Brandon’s 2 sisters, Corrisa and Deanna. Brandon’s best childhood friend, Ryan, his wife Heather, and their daughter Ari. My Uncle Rick, 2 of his daughters, Laticia and Katrina, their son’s Dominik and Cohen, and a family friend Hannah. We put a bunch of tables together and had a great lunch with lots of catching up! Here is a cute picture of Brandon’s best friend, Ryan, his daughter, Ari, Brandon, and Jaymz at the end of our lunch.

Friends at Lunch

Thursday evening we went to my Grandparents home for dinner. Our boys just adore their great-grandparents; they loved playing with them and at our feet while we caught up.

Great Grandpa LundbergGreat Grandma Lundberg

We planned a second day for an open lunch, on Friday but, no one showed up so we enjoyed Taco Amigo ourself!

Eating Lunch at Taco Amigo

Friday afternoon and evening was the family day for my reunion. We went to the homecoming carnival and then to the football game. My boys had lots of fun playing at the carnival and watching the game, which the T-Wolves won!

Timpanogos T-Wolves Homecoming Carnival

Saturday we had an adult only brunch for my high school reunion. It was nice to see people I have not seen since graduating. It was also nice to have a little break from the kids while they enjoyed playing with their cousins.

Timpanogos Class of 2003 High School Reunion

Later on we had a fun family get together at a park in Lindon, the kids played great together and us adults got to chat.

Peay's Playing at the ParkCute Cousins

We also stopped by my other grandparents to say hi quickly before going to the ranch. Jaymz was able to pick some peaches and nectarines off of their trees they have in their backyard…now my little city boy has actually seen where his fruit comes from and it is not just a box from the farmers market or the stand at the grocery store!

Picking Peaches & Nectarines

We then head off to the Peay Family Ranch for the night! The next morning Great Grandma Ranch made breakfast and then ran outside to the four wheeler with my boys for a ride! I love how excited she was to take them on the four wheeler and how she couldn’t wait for Brandon and I!

Great Grandma Ranch

We didn’t want to say good bye and Jaymz told me he wanted to live at the ranch or at least just in Utah, which made my heart break a little.  Although, he was excited to get up and go to school this morning and see all of his friends! We had a great trip and cannot wait until next time!

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Family & Friend Fun Camping Weekend

Jaymz with Baldock Girl'sOur friends the Baldock’s, invited us camping this weekend. We left Friday after Brandon got off work to enjoy a wonderful weekend outdoors. Unfortunately we arrived at the campsite just as the sun set, so we had to set up in the dark and put the boys to bed right away.

CampingSaturday morning, we got up and had breakfast…Melissa made some yummy tin foil breakfast burritos for everyone. Then we ran into Bailey, CO (the closest city) to get the Baldock girls some jackets, because they forgot to grab theirs, and since the weather was a little chilly they really needed them!

Once we got back to camp, we had some more friends join us for the day. We ate tortilla pizzas for lunch that Melissa made, then cooked up S’mores, and played outside.

Eating S'moresPlaying in the DirtI then started dinner, Tin Foil Burritos. I was able to get all 14 Burritos on the coals at one time so we could all eat together! It was good. After dinner our friends who came up for the day left and almost immediately after (lucky them) it started to sprinkle; we hurried to clean up camp and went inside our tent to get out of the rain. We played card games while the kids watched Toy Story on Brandon’s phone until the rain stopped.

The Kids Eating DinnerOnce the rain stopped the Baldock’s went back to their tent to go to bed, but their poor tent had leaked through and their sleeping bags got wet so they slept in their car with some blankets.

Sunday morning I made a big breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Hash-Browns, and Fresh Fruit. It was really yummy and the fruit was a huge hit with the kids; we had only a few pieces of pineapple left! We then relaxed around and packed up a little bit. When it was time for lunch, we roasted Hot Dogs over the fire. After lunch, Melissa made campfire cones for dessert, which were so yummy!

Eating Campfire ConesIt was time to go home so we finished packing up and set out for showers at home, but we also got rain showers about 10 minutes after getting on the road (lucky us) so it was a good thing we left when we did!

All in all my boys loved being outside in the dirt all weekend and having friends to play with! The only issue, again was, it was a little chilly and wet weather! We had a great time relaxing and enjoying this wonderful planet we live on.

Kiera & Jaymz Jaymz & Kiera, Buddies, Helpers, & Friends!

Bucket Hat!

Flowers for MamaLast Pic, Flowers for Mama…my sweet boys brought me flowers all weekend!

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The harder it is, the funner it is!

We spent the last weekend of September on a mini vacation in one of the best places on Earth, Moab! The long hard drive with two kids was completely worth our fun time away from home, here is what we did:

We rented a condo with my cousin Stacy and her adorable family, which was perfect. There was a courtyard where her daughter, Maddi and Jaymz could play. Then there was the inside living room space the babies, Kalvyn and Mckenzie (her other daughter) could play in. Each of our families had our own rooms and bathrooms.

The 1st day we split up from my cousin and her family because we did not have the money to rent a jeep and go off roading, while they did that we went into Arches National Park to hike some arches. We stopped in the visitors center to see what hikes would be best for our little family…we really wanted to hike Delicate Arch but decided that it may be a little long for Jaymz so we hiked to Landscape Arch.

Our little man, Jaymz is such an outdoor man…while hiking he came up with the motto, “the harder it is, the funner it is!” This came full circle once we hiked to Landscape Arch he wanted to keep going on the primitive trail to another arch, so we went for a little bit then we came to climbing some boulders which made us decided it would not be safe for Kalvyn and I because my balance was off with him on my tummy. We headed back and Jaymz saw this sand hill on they way back, he ran up it 3 or 4 times and loved it…which helped us decide on going to Sand Dune Arch next.

This was a super short “hike,” if that is what you want to call it. Mostly it was a hop, skip, and a jump around a large red rock and you were there! Jaymz loved this arch, his favorite part was playing in the sand.

After Sand Dune Arch we called it a day so we could to go back to the condo, have the kiddos take naps and we could get ready for dinner.

The next day we went on a hike with my cousin and her family, it was supposed to be the Mill Creek North Fork hike to a waterfall but we ended up taking the wrong trail and went on the south trail and kept hiking until we finally found a small waterfall area and let the kids play. It ended up being longer than expected, bringing in Jaymz’s motto from the day before, “the harder it is, the funner it is!” It was quite an adventure with lots of fun and ending up being Jaymz’s favorite part of the entire trip!

We finished our hike, ate some lunch, and started our long drive home…and arrived home late that night!

I am so thankful that my cousin, Stacy invited us on this perfect mini vacation, it was much needed with Brandon being our of town for work a lot and also because about a week later Brandon left out of town again…where I had to remember, “the harder is it, the funner it is,” with my boys!

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I am Back!

Sorry, I completely missed the entire month of September! So here is a quick recap of what happened since my last post.

We went to Utah for a quick and extremely busy trip. The boys and I flew on our own and met Brandon there (he came in from China). We barely made it for Brandon’s Grandpa Buhler’s funeral. Kalvyn was blessed. We met the newest member of the Peay family, baby Bentley. And spent the rest of  our time with our families and that was pretty much all we had time for…maybe our next visit we can see more of our friends and extended family.

Once we arrived home I started to feel sick with a nasty cold which ended up going through our entire family and taking about 2 weeks to get through all of us and to get everyone feeling better.

Kalvyn started solid foods with no complications and loving it. He started with rice cereal for a week then moved onto a week of carrots, a week of sweet potatoes and he just tried his favorite so far, acorn squash.

I planned and pulled off a fun pizza play date in our tiny home!

We spent one Saturday all together, just the 4 of us…we went to try Larkburger then had to get some of the best ice-cream in Denver at Bonnie Brae Ice Cream Shop.

And we went to Moab the last weekend of September with my wonderful cousin Stacy and her cute family…I will post pictures and more of this on another post.

I think that is all of the important stuff, again I am sorry for not updating anyone for an entire month!

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Photo of the Week: All Packed Up & Ready to Go!

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Christmas in Utah

We decided to spend the week before Christmas and the weekend of Christmas in Utah at the beginning of December. We had planned on staying here in Denver but Brandon’s Grandpa’s 80th Birthday Party was just a few days before Christmas and we felt that we really needed to be there.

We packed up the weekend before Christmas and went on our way to Utah, thank goodness we drove out over that weekend and not the day before the party because we had great sunny weather to drive in, instead of a big snow storm that came through.

Brandon worked from his dad’s house (where we stayed) through the week so he did not have to take any days off of work. I really love how he can do that because we now can save up his vacation days for when the baby comes!

We really just hung out with Brandon’s dad and ran a few last minute Christmas errands while being there until Tuesday the 20th. That is when we had Brandon’s Grandpa’s Birthday Party and after the birthday party was the annual Christmas party (just moved from Christmas Eve cause everyone was already together). It was a wonderful evening filled with food, games and most importantly people we love!

We were going to visit my cousin Stacy and her family on Thursday but her daughter was sick so we decided that we would have to see them another time. I am very sad we were unable to visit them, but I know there will be another time to visit. We ended up seeing some of our old neighbors that Jaymz has been missing since we moved. We made candy houses and just played the day and evening away!

Friday was an unexpected event for us, we had planned on just laying around the house relaxing, but Brandon’s Great Aunt Beverly passed away so we decided to drive out to the Peay Family Ranch with Brandon’s Dad to go to the burial and the luncheon to show our support for the family. This was the 1st death for Jaymz so we explained the best we could to him about what had happened. Jaymz did great with being very kind, obedient, and patient while being the only child there. He was sad when we had to leave the ranch that evening because he thought we were going to be spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa Ranch’s as we usually we do when we drive out all the way out there.

Christmas Eve was great as well, we ran around finishing up our last errands before places closed. We then came home to Brandon’s Dad’s to make cookies for Santa and get ready for dinner at Brandon’s Mom’s. We had a wonderful dinner at Brandon’s Mom’s which Brandon’s little sister Deanna had prepared (her 1st traditional holiday dinner) and it was great! We stayed there until after Santa came to give us our oranges in bed (a tradition Brandon has had since he has little, the only thing is that we all pile or squish into one bed now). We came back to Brandon’s Dad’s, said goodbye to Lox, set out Santa’s cookies and went to bed.

On Christmas morning we got up and saw what Santa had brought and while the boys played I made German Pancakes for breakfast. We then ran around seeing family and having a wonderful busy day as usual…Brandon’s Mom’s, back to Brandon’s Dad’s, to lunch, and back to Brandon’s Dad’s to get ready for Christmas Dinner at the Lundberg’s. Christmas dinner at my Grandma and Grandpa Lundberg’s is always great…we always get there in the late afternoon and spend the rest of our day there. It was a small get together this year but still amazing. I am also very thankful to my Aunt Lynda who was not going to come down this year because she spent the day with her daughter (my cousin Stacy) creating new traditions but wanted to still see and visit us, so she came down after dinner just to visit and exchange gifts.

The next morning we packed up the car and came home. I am glad we left in the morning cause my body was tired and we kept having to stop and take breaks which made it a long travel day. We were again blessed with great weather to drive in and to have such a wonderful Christmas in Utah.

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Peay Ranch

We went to visit Brandon’s Grandparents this past weekend at the Peay Ranch! We had so much fun while we were there, and on the plus side I didn’t even think about logging onto Facebook the whole weekend! Here is the scrapbook page I made for the weekend:

I am so thankful we were able to go out to the ranch because we had a scare last night with Brandon’s Grandpa being life-flighted into Provo, but everything looks to be okay and he is recovering fine. It reminded us that we love them so much and it had been way too long since we had seen them out there. It made us treasure our time even more because I was able to sit and chat to learn about the ranch and their lives (the family history), and to just  have fun with them; so after last nights scare we are even more grateful to have been able to spend the weekend with Brandon’s Grandparents!

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1 Day!

While Papa’s been away…we have played! Here are a few pics of us playing while our Papa has been away!

Spending time with our wonderful neighbors!

Celebrating Birthdays (Dominik’s 1st)…Feeding the animals at Thanksgiving Point Farms!

Eating Junk Food…Mama, Jaymz and Jade went to Terra Mia to eat their YUMMY food and of course to eat GELATO!

Enjoying the Sunshine with people we love…Seven Peaks Water Park with Grandpa Brad and Asher (and more people we love)!

Playing Outside…Even in the Rain!!!

Playing at the Splash Pad!

We are super excited that our Papa will be home in 1 Day!!!

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2 Days!

Sorry about missing our count down of day 3 & 4, but my weekend was a busy one!

So here I am thinking what should I write about with only 2 Days left until our Papa comes home and I thought of how much we love him & how much he loves us!

Our Papa is the most wonderful guy I know…he even thought about us on Chinese Valentines Day and sent a gift out to us! Oh how I love gifts especially from someone I love and miss so much!!!

Here is Jaymz digging through the box only finding popcorn…he kept asking, “what is it?”

And I kept saying, “I don’t know, but Papa sent it…hmm maybe he only sent popcorn”

We found the gifts!

So thoughtful, we love you Papa and cannot wait to give you hugs and kisses!

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