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Changes are happening…

I know it has been forever since I have been on here. I have been thinking about doing it for a while but then life gets super busy and I just don’t do it. But I really think I should start up again, what do you think?

Today, I decided to update you on something that has been happening the past month because it has been a crazy one!

At the beginning of January we decided to put our house on the market to sale. Who new once it was officially listed I wouldn’t be in my home until it went under contract. Thank goodness it was only a week later because of the crazy amount of showings we had. We are very grateful to have sold our home so quickly, but it did not give us much time to find a new place. We were feeling a lot of pressure on where we should be for our future.

Brandon and I both have not been sure about making Colorado our forever home, but we thought it would be career suicide for Brandon if we moved away from the area. We looked and looked at homes all over the Denver Metro area and nothing felt like home. We felt tremendous pressure to find a new home once our home went under contract. It was really hard and extremely stressful until the idea of moving out of Denver Metro came up. So a couple of weeks ago Brandon took a leap of courage and asked if he could work completely remote, meaning we can move to wherever home feels. That is when the idea of moving to Utah came up…Brandon and I thought we would never go back to Utah after we moved back to Denver 3.5 years ago, but I guess we changed our minds after we discussed it to the point that there is no more to be discussed.

Now we have heard back from Brandon’s work and we made to decision to move back to Utah once again. Most of our stuff is going into storage until we officially move at the end of the school year.

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No Time…

I am so sorry I have not been on updating all of you on the fun we have been having…I just cannot seem to find the time to get on and sit at the computer lately.

We had a wonderful holiday season celebrating Christmas here in Denver with my big brother, Blaine visiting us from San Francisco.

We celebrated New Years quietly here at home while I watched a friends little boy. Our resolution again this year is to pay down more bills, eating at home more, getting more exercise, and just having more fun as a family! Not that we didn’t do these last year we just need to keep up on them so we can stay healthy and happy and keeping pushing forward.

We also just had a wonderful weekend with Grandma Connie (Brandon’s Mom) and Grandma Ranch (Brandon’s Grandma) visiting us from Utah to celebrate Brandon’s Birthday! We are so grateful they were able to come visit us and have a fun weekend with them.

Hopefully I can get life organized or get less busy so I can find a little time to keep you all updated.

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Family Pictures Winter 2013

Our friend Tammy, with Estrella Photography took our family pictures this year here in Denver, because we are saving money and not going back to Utah. My boys were super playful and I am glad she was able to capture them and their cuteness! I am also so thankful that Jaymz’s awkward cheese is over (for the most part) and he will give a genuine smile.

Here are a few of my favorites that didn’t make it on our Holiday card this year:

The Peay Family Pictures in Downtown Denver

The Peay Boys

Watching Our Cute Little Goofy Boy!

 We are the Cutest Couple, we Love Each Other!

Big Brother, Jaymz

Little Brother, Kalvyn or Bugga

Peay Family Pictures in Downtown Denver

Remember to keep your eyes open for our Holiday card in the mail or on here, it should be mailed out and posted sometime after Thanksgiving…I really love hearing what you think of it since I take so much time designing it!

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Initiation into Elementary School

I have been told that there is an initiation into elementary school that is not if you get it, but when you get it and I am not pleased about this, because it is lice.

On Tuesday we found out that lice was going around in Jaymz’s class at school. We also found out that Jaymz had very high chance of having it, but the school nurse was not completely sure if it was lice or just product in his hair. I called our pediatrician to see what to do and they told me NOT to use the chemical treatment shampoo unless we were sure he had lice because the chemicals are really hard on the head.

Of course I got online to do my own research to see what I thought…he did not have anything around the ears or neckline, which is the usual place lice likes to be and in the pictures I saw there seemed to be a lot of eggs or bugs in the hair. I finally ran across one picture that looked kind of similar to what Jaymz had, white spots throughout two sections of his hair that looked like hair product left behind. I decided to call the pediatrician back and told them exactly what I saw. The nurse said it could quite possibly be lice or just product left behind. She told me it was up to me if I wanted to do the treatment to give me peace of mind since it was in his class with more than one other student, but to make sure I also knew that the chemicals were really hard on children’s heads and to be careful if I decided to do it.

Brandon and I decided to go ahead with having peace of mind to do the treatment and it was one of the longest nights of my life! I cleaned the entire house, washed all of our clothes and sheets, spayed the house with disinfectant and lice killer spray, and did the shampoo treatment on Jaymz finishing up with Jaymz at about 10 and I finally stopped between 12 and 1.

Start of the Lice Treatment, Olive Oil Head

Waiting for the Lice Treatment Shampoo to Finish

While doing the treatment on Jaymz I found little a lot of grey & white dots, the eggs/nits and 2 itty bitty bugs in his hair, but they each looked different so I went back online and did some more research. I found, one was an adult lice and the other was a baby lice. It made me super sick to my stomach to think my baby had this on his head, but I am extremely grateful for the school, the teachers and that we decided to do the treatment because this could have been a lot worse!

Now I am disinfecting everything daily, checking Jaymz and Kalvyn’s hair daily and waiting for 7 days to do the second treatment, then we should be home free and hopefully we will have our initiation into elementary school complete and we never, ever see this again!

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School Pictures 2013

My little kindergartener in his school pictures this year, he choose what uniform he wanted to wear:

Jaymz's Kindergarten PictureIt is plain and not the best picture of my little man, but it shows what he looks like everyday going to school and he is so cute every single day!

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Loft Bed and Crib

Back in May Brandon and I decided our boys needed a little more space to play. Since they share a bedroom I thought a bunk-bed would be nice for them but, Kalvyn is not old enough for a big boy bed so we did the next best thing…a loft bed for Jaymz and Kalvyn is still in his crib under it.

Loft Bed and Crib

We purchased the STORÅ Loft Bed for $299 at IKEA; Brandon, Jaymz, and I put it together. It was a little more than I wanted to spend (especially at IKEA) but it matches the crib we already had perfectly! Jaymz loves being up so high and Kalvyn loves having a hideout on the bottom! Best of all they really enjoy having more space in our tiny house!

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Our Trip to Utah

We took a trip to Utah last week and over the weekend for my 10 year high school reunion and it was the perfect timing too because Denver was pretty much under water with all the flash flooding!

We arrived in Orem late Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning after driving the complete way in pretty much a down poor of rain, with only a few minute breaks here and there. Brandon had to work Wednesday and I hurt my foot the day before so we took the day easy playing at Brandon’s dad’s house. That evening we stopped by to visit my younger siblings and have dinner with them. Kalvyn is at the cute age of mimicking everything, here is a picture of him trying to lay like my brother, Dakota in the grass.

Just Like Him

On Thursday we had an open lunch at Zupas for anyone who wanted to see and chat with us. We had a great turn out with: Brandon’s 2 sisters, Corrisa and Deanna. Brandon’s best childhood friend, Ryan, his wife Heather, and their daughter Ari. My Uncle Rick, 2 of his daughters, Laticia and Katrina, their son’s Dominik and Cohen, and a family friend Hannah. We put a bunch of tables together and had a great lunch with lots of catching up! Here is a cute picture of Brandon’s best friend, Ryan, his daughter, Ari, Brandon, and Jaymz at the end of our lunch.

Friends at Lunch

Thursday evening we went to my Grandparents home for dinner. Our boys just adore their great-grandparents; they loved playing with them and at our feet while we caught up.

Great Grandpa LundbergGreat Grandma Lundberg

We planned a second day for an open lunch, on Friday but, no one showed up so we enjoyed Taco Amigo ourself!

Eating Lunch at Taco Amigo

Friday afternoon and evening was the family day for my reunion. We went to the homecoming carnival and then to the football game. My boys had lots of fun playing at the carnival and watching the game, which the T-Wolves won!

Timpanogos T-Wolves Homecoming Carnival

Saturday we had an adult only brunch for my high school reunion. It was nice to see people I have not seen since graduating. It was also nice to have a little break from the kids while they enjoyed playing with their cousins.

Timpanogos Class of 2003 High School Reunion

Later on we had a fun family get together at a park in Lindon, the kids played great together and us adults got to chat.

Peay's Playing at the ParkCute Cousins

We also stopped by my other grandparents to say hi quickly before going to the ranch. Jaymz was able to pick some peaches and nectarines off of their trees they have in their backyard…now my little city boy has actually seen where his fruit comes from and it is not just a box from the farmers market or the stand at the grocery store!

Picking Peaches & Nectarines

We then head off to the Peay Family Ranch for the night! The next morning Great Grandma Ranch made breakfast and then ran outside to the four wheeler with my boys for a ride! I love how excited she was to take them on the four wheeler and how she couldn’t wait for Brandon and I!

Great Grandma Ranch

We didn’t want to say good bye and Jaymz told me he wanted to live at the ranch or at least just in Utah, which made my heart break a little.  Although, he was excited to get up and go to school this morning and see all of his friends! We had a great trip and cannot wait until next time!

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I love how my boys are growing up loving one another while being wonderful brothers!

Jaymz’s shares with Kalvyn and Kalvyn wants to be just like Jaymz!


I find little moments like these show everyday that these little ones love each other, through playing, sharing, cuddles, and just being cute little boys! Brandon and I must be doing something right to have such wonderful boys who are also loving brothers!

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New Car

We got a new car in January of this year for the first time since we have been married, and last night we got our 2nd!

Brandon needed a better way of getting to work than riding the motorcycle everyday, so he has been researching cars for the last few weeks and was thinking about getting a Volkswagen Jetta. I wasn’t so sure until the dealership called and offered the Passat to us for the same price…then I was like, “oh yeah!” So we went into the dealership last night and got the car!

It is kind of scary and exciting going from no car purchases to now having 2 cars in less than 6 months!

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Screw the Updates…On with the new!

I have been meaning to get on and update you all for the last few months but I cannot get myself to back track & I haven’t wanted to post anything new…but at last I say screw the updates…and on with the new!

Today was Jaymz’s last day of preschool…very bitter sweet for me. He is moving onto bigger and better things, Kindergarten.

He is such a sweet well-liked little boy. He has many friends and amazing teachers he will miss next year, I know he will be going to a new school and I know he will make new ones, and have good teachers but I am still very sad to say goodbye to this fun filled school year. Jaymz loves learning and cannot wait for ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN next year, half day preschool 5 days a week just hasn’t been enough for this little boy who loves to socialize and learn everything and anything! He will do amazing and is ready for it, I am just a little freaked out about what I am going to do to be honest!

Jaymz on his Last Day of Preschool, EVER!

Well here is to not updating you all, saying our goodbyes, and starting our summer with the new!

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