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April Fools Day Dinner 2014

What a successful April Fools Day Dinner we had to night. We started with Nachos for dinner or were they really?!?

Sweet Dessert Nachos

The Boys loved them!

Eating Their Nachos

After they scarfed the Nachos down we had some Cupcakes for Dessert or were they really?!?

Chicken Enchilada Casserole Cupcake for Dessert

Kalvyn was so excited and bit right into his cupcake and gave me a dirty look after…

Kalvyn Eating His Cupcake

Jaymz had caught on by now and was super scared to try it but he did and this was his reaction…

Jaymz Eating His Cupcake

In reality we had Sweet Dessert Nachos and Chicken Enchilada Casserole Cupcakes for Dinner!

April Fools Day Dinner, Nachos & CupcakesThe Sweet Dessert Nachos were really easy to make. I bought Cinnamon chips as the base (I could have made them but it was way easier to buy them). I made a simple buttercream icing and dyed it light orange to drizzle over the chips to look like cheese. I added raisins for the black beans and some strawberry jam for salsa. Then came cut Sour Patch Bites for jalapeños and red candy ropes for tomatoes. Lastly I added a dollop of yogurt on top for sour cream.

The Chicken Enchilada Casserole Cupcakes were also pretty easy to make. I lined my muffin tins with paper since I always do that when I make cupcakes. I then cut tortillas into circles and laid one tortilla circle in each muffin tin.

Cutting Out the Tortillas

Lining the Muffin Tin

I then mixed the filling combining shredded chicken, colby and monterey jack cheese, green chilies, sour cream, and tomatillo salsa. I then put a scoop of the filling in the tin, added another tortilla, and another layer of the chicken. I topped them with another tortilla and baked them until 165 degrees in the center.

I let them cool in the pan for five minutes and then transferred them to a cooling rack where I topped the cupcakes with sour cream for icing/frosting and finely diced bell peppers for sprinkles.

Topping the Cupcakes

*They were a little hard to get out of the paper, but looked great.  Although, I do wonder if I sprayed them with cooking spray if it would make it any easier.

Chicken Enchilada Casserole Cupcake

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Valentine Gifts 2014

I love Valentine’s, but I am a little sad this month has been so busy & I have not been able to do all I planned with my boys. Although I am very excited to do Jaymz’s class party tomorrow & watch him hand out his cute Valentine’s to his teachers & friends.

Here are his cute Valentine’s this year:

We choose to do Crush Valentine’s for Jaymz’s teachers & he has a lot of them…his main teacher, a student teacher, & a para which is a teacher’s helper in the classroom. Then he also has his art, drama, PE, & spanish teachers. He also wanted to include the liberian, so we had a lot to do but not a lot to spend. We found the 6 pack of glass bottled Strawberry Crush Soda at 1 Walmart in the Denver area after calling all around the entire city. I was so happy because I did not have to order them online & pay for shipping & the 6 pack was only $3.38. I then took Jaymz’s pictures from our photo shoot we did earlier this month here at home, made the tag & printed it as a 4×6 through Costco for $0.13 each making these little Valentin’s very cost effective; only being about $0.70 each without tax!

Strawberry Crush Teacher ValentineNext was Jaymz’s classmates & friends Valentines. I saw this cute Army Valentine online & fell in love but could not find nice little army men for a good price anywhere. One day we were at the Dollar Tree thinking we will just go with whatever they have…which their little ones really looked cheep & crappy; then we saw some larger army men with 4 in one package meaning they were 4 for a $1 & decided to just do it. I made the tag on the computer & printed it at home onto card stock I already had, so these ended up about $0.25 each without tax because I also already had the twine. I love them and think they are one of the the cutest non candy Valentines I have seen!

Army Troop Valentine

Last was our cards to send to our family from both boys. I took pictures from our photo shoot we did earlier this month & made cards just like the tags for the Crush Valentines. I also printed them at Costco, bought a large package of plain white envelopes, paid for stamps (the most expensive part) & mailed these cute babies to our family!

Boys Valentine's Card I hope you all enjoy the LOVE & have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!!

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Mini Valentines Shoot @ Home

My favorite holiday is Valentines because it is all about love. I have a few fun activities planned for my boys this month, starting with todays mini photo shoot I did here at home in our playroom. I got some really cute pictures of my boys for cards we are going to send to their grandparents and wanted to share a sneak peak of them being silly…

My Love Bug in Heart Glasses

Silly Little Tough Guy!We had so much fun! I will post the card we are sending later, after I send them out, happy love month!

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No Time…

I am so sorry I have not been on updating all of you on the fun we have been having…I just cannot seem to find the time to get on and sit at the computer lately.

We had a wonderful holiday season celebrating Christmas here in Denver with my big brother, Blaine visiting us from San Francisco.

We celebrated New Years quietly here at home while I watched a friends little boy. Our resolution again this year is to pay down more bills, eating at home more, getting more exercise, and just having more fun as a family! Not that we didn’t do these last year we just need to keep up on them so we can stay healthy and happy and keeping pushing forward.

We also just had a wonderful weekend with Grandma Connie (Brandon’s Mom) and Grandma Ranch (Brandon’s Grandma) visiting us from Utah to celebrate Brandon’s Birthday! We are so grateful they were able to come visit us and have a fun weekend with them.

Hopefully I can get life organized or get less busy so I can find a little time to keep you all updated.

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Holiday Card 2013

We are enjoying our wonderful life one day at a time!

Holiday Card 2013

This is our holiday card I designed, it was the 3rd one I did this year because I didn’t love the other 2. I hope you all enjoy it and we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and new year!

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Kids in the Kitchen: Gingerbread House

Our Elf on the Shelf, Lox brought us a gingerbread house to put together and decorate yesterday.

Our Elf on the Shelf bringing us a Gingerbread House to DecorateI found that I am just as inpatient as the kids because I did not wait for the frosting to set before we started decorating and it ended up collapsing. Thank goodness I was able to salvage it!

Our Gingerbread HouseI think decorating the gingerbread house was just about eating candy for Kalvyn, I kept catching Kalvyn shoveling candy in his mouth. I would tell him to decorate the house, so he would put a piece or two on then eat some more…it was too funny, he would also get mad at us for decorating the house with the candy he wanted to eat.

Jaymz enjoyed the candy and the decorating…he was a little sad that our house didn’t look like the picture but was happy it was still standing in the end.

Lox, Our Elf on the Shelf loving our Gingerbread HouseWe woke up this morning to our elf loving our gingerbread house…thank goodness it is still standing!

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Kids in the Kitchen: Making Butter

I want to start having my boys help me in the kitchen once a week at the very least. I feel it is very important to have children in the kitchen, especially when their mommy is in the kitchen as much as I am! I am going to be sharing what we do in the kitchen and our experiences with you.

I thought about what my boys could do to help with Thanksgiving dinner this past week and it came to me; make homemade butter…it keeps them busy and they feel accomplished when it is completed.

My Kids Making ButterOur homemade butter took longer than we expected with the kids because they do not shake as hard and they get bored/tired a lot easier. Brandon also had to finish the jar because Jaymz decided that he would shake it so hard to hurry and finish it but he hit his lip, giving himself a fat lip instead!

To make our butter we took a mason jar, filled it half full with heavy whipping cream, put the lid on it and shook for about 15-20 minutes.

My boys were so excited to butter their rolls with the butter we made on Thanksgiving and I am so happy they enjoyed being in the kitchen with me.

Buttering Our Homemade Dinner Rolls

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Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here is Colorado.

I made our dinner from scratch here in my small home with the smallest kitchen and enjoyed it with my wonderful boys.

Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner in Denver, ColoradoThen Kalvyn decided he was done and did what he always does…

Thanksgiving Dinner on the FloorCan anyone help me with this? I cleaned up, put him down for a nap right after this happened and then we enjoyed the rest of our dinner.

After Kalvyn woke up from his nap we drove up to Breckenridge to have dessert with Brandon’s cousin Ashely, her family, and some friends of theirs. It was great to spend time with extended family because it wasn’t completely feeling like Thanksgiving until then. We let the boys play all night because they played so well together and we kept chatting away, but I really think we stayed a little too late because Ashley had to get up in the morning to work (sorry for keeping you up so late).

Kids Eating their Pumpkin & Apple Pie for ThanksgivingI am so thankful for my husband and all that he does for me and our boys…such as working hard and providing for us so I can stay at home and do what I enjoy best. I am also so thankful for my boys and how much joy they give me, even when they are naughty, because this teaches me to be more patient. Lastly, I am thankful for where I am today after all that I have been through in my life; I realize a lot of other people would have made different decisions, but I am me and I am grateful for where I am.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving because I know we did!

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Family Pictures Winter 2013

Our friend Tammy, with Estrella Photography took our family pictures this year here in Denver, because we are saving money and not going back to Utah. My boys were super playful and I am glad she was able to capture them and their cuteness! I am also so thankful that Jaymz’s awkward cheese is over (for the most part) and he will give a genuine smile.

Here are a few of my favorites that didn’t make it on our Holiday card this year:

The Peay Family Pictures in Downtown Denver

The Peay Boys

Watching Our Cute Little Goofy Boy!

 We are the Cutest Couple, we Love Each Other!

Big Brother, Jaymz

Little Brother, Kalvyn or Bugga

Peay Family Pictures in Downtown Denver

Remember to keep your eyes open for our Holiday card in the mail or on here, it should be mailed out and posted sometime after Thanksgiving…I really love hearing what you think of it since I take so much time designing it!

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Halloween 2013

Our Halloween festivities for 2013 in a nutshell:

Costumes for 2013: This year was pretty easy to pick out costumes, my best friend from college, Kristi,  has an Etsy shop (Wild & Woolly) and she made Jaymz’s Knight costume for his 5th birthday. He loved it so much I decided that is what he was going to be for Halloween. I then had to figure out what Kalvyn and the rest of us would be…then I got the idea to have Kalvyn be a dragon and Brandon and I be the King and Queen.  I am just a little sad I didn’t get around to making costumes for Brandon and I or not wanting to spend at least $40 each on costumes for us.

Halloween Costumes, Knight & DragonWe carved our pumpkins last week as a family, it was cute seeing the boys get excited about the pumpkins!

Our PumpkinsWe did our big trick or treating last Sunday at our annul trip to Boo at the Denver Zoo!

Boo at the Denver Zoo 2013I have been doing spooky dinners all week, with this one yesterday being Bloody Eyeball Soup with teeth, bat poop, and left over bat wings!

Bloody Eyeball SoupI planned and executed Jaymz’s Fall class party that was this afternoon, which was a huge success.

I was too tried from the party to do a spooky dinner tonight, so we ate out at Chipotle for Booritos, a special they were running for $3 burritos tonight…what a deal, $10 to feed our entire family!

While at Chipotle someone told us about the Police Academy doing some fun activities for the kids so once we got home we trick or treated our way up the street to the Academy and enjoyed some activities and getting more candy!

Trick or Treating

Playing in the Denver Swat VehicleOnce home, we changed into pj’s and relaxed on the couch watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, until the boys were asking to go to bed!

I hope you all had a great Halloween because I really think ours was a great success and all the hard work paid off!


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