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Valentine Gifts 2014

I love Valentine’s, but I am a little sad this month has been so busy & I have not been able to do all I planned with my boys. Although I am very excited to do Jaymz’s class party tomorrow & watch him hand out his cute Valentine’s to his teachers & friends.

Here are his cute Valentine’s this year:

We choose to do Crush Valentine’s for Jaymz’s teachers & he has a lot of them…his main teacher, a student teacher, & a para which is a teacher’s helper in the classroom. Then he also has his art, drama, PE, & spanish teachers. He also wanted to include the liberian, so we had a lot to do but not a lot to spend. We found the 6 pack of glass bottled Strawberry Crush Soda at 1 Walmart in the Denver area after calling all around the entire city. I was so happy because I did not have to order them online & pay for shipping & the 6 pack was only $3.38. I then took Jaymz’s pictures from our photo shoot we did earlier this month here at home, made the tag & printed it as a 4×6 through Costco for $0.13 each making these little Valentin’s very cost effective; only being about $0.70 each without tax!

Strawberry Crush Teacher ValentineNext was Jaymz’s classmates & friends Valentines. I saw this cute Army Valentine online & fell in love but could not find nice little army men for a good price anywhere. One day we were at the Dollar Tree thinking we will just go with whatever they have…which their little ones really looked cheep & crappy; then we saw some larger army men with 4 in one package meaning they were 4 for a $1 & decided to just do it. I made the tag on the computer & printed it at home onto card stock I already had, so these ended up about $0.25 each without tax because I also already had the twine. I love them and think they are one of the the cutest non candy Valentines I have seen!

Army Troop Valentine

Last was our cards to send to our family from both boys. I took pictures from our photo shoot we did earlier this month & made cards just like the tags for the Crush Valentines. I also printed them at Costco, bought a large package of plain white envelopes, paid for stamps (the most expensive part) & mailed these cute babies to our family!

Boys Valentine's Card I hope you all enjoy the LOVE & have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!!

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No Time…

I am so sorry I have not been on updating all of you on the fun we have been having…I just cannot seem to find the time to get on and sit at the computer lately.

We had a wonderful holiday season celebrating Christmas here in Denver with my big brother, Blaine visiting us from San Francisco.

We celebrated New Years quietly here at home while I watched a friends little boy. Our resolution again this year is to pay down more bills, eating at home more, getting more exercise, and just having more fun as a family! Not that we didn’t do these last year we just need to keep up on them so we can stay healthy and happy and keeping pushing forward.

We also just had a wonderful weekend with Grandma Connie (Brandon’s Mom) and Grandma Ranch (Brandon’s Grandma) visiting us from Utah to celebrate Brandon’s Birthday! We are so grateful they were able to come visit us and have a fun weekend with them.

Hopefully I can get life organized or get less busy so I can find a little time to keep you all updated.

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Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here is Colorado.

I made our dinner from scratch here in my small home with the smallest kitchen and enjoyed it with my wonderful boys.

Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner in Denver, ColoradoThen Kalvyn decided he was done and did what he always does…

Thanksgiving Dinner on the FloorCan anyone help me with this? I cleaned up, put him down for a nap right after this happened and then we enjoyed the rest of our dinner.

After Kalvyn woke up from his nap we drove up to Breckenridge to have dessert with Brandon’s cousin Ashely, her family, and some friends of theirs. It was great to spend time with extended family because it wasn’t completely feeling like Thanksgiving until then. We let the boys play all night because they played so well together and we kept chatting away, but I really think we stayed a little too late because Ashley had to get up in the morning to work (sorry for keeping you up so late).

Kids Eating their Pumpkin & Apple Pie for ThanksgivingI am so thankful for my husband and all that he does for me and our boys…such as working hard and providing for us so I can stay at home and do what I enjoy best. I am also so thankful for my boys and how much joy they give me, even when they are naughty, because this teaches me to be more patient. Lastly, I am thankful for where I am today after all that I have been through in my life; I realize a lot of other people would have made different decisions, but I am me and I am grateful for where I am.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving because I know we did!

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Halloween 2013

Our Halloween festivities for 2013 in a nutshell:

Costumes for 2013: This year was pretty easy to pick out costumes, my best friend from college, Kristi,  has an Etsy shop (Wild & Woolly) and she made Jaymz’s Knight costume for his 5th birthday. He loved it so much I decided that is what he was going to be for Halloween. I then had to figure out what Kalvyn and the rest of us would be…then I got the idea to have Kalvyn be a dragon and Brandon and I be the King and Queen.  I am just a little sad I didn’t get around to making costumes for Brandon and I or not wanting to spend at least $40 each on costumes for us.

Halloween Costumes, Knight & DragonWe carved our pumpkins last week as a family, it was cute seeing the boys get excited about the pumpkins!

Our PumpkinsWe did our big trick or treating last Sunday at our annul trip to Boo at the Denver Zoo!

Boo at the Denver Zoo 2013I have been doing spooky dinners all week, with this one yesterday being Bloody Eyeball Soup with teeth, bat poop, and left over bat wings!

Bloody Eyeball SoupI planned and executed Jaymz’s Fall class party that was this afternoon, which was a huge success.

I was too tried from the party to do a spooky dinner tonight, so we ate out at Chipotle for Booritos, a special they were running for $3 burritos tonight…what a deal, $10 to feed our entire family!

While at Chipotle someone told us about the Police Academy doing some fun activities for the kids so once we got home we trick or treated our way up the street to the Academy and enjoyed some activities and getting more candy!

Trick or Treating

Playing in the Denver Swat VehicleOnce home, we changed into pj’s and relaxed on the couch watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, until the boys were asking to go to bed!

I hope you all had a great Halloween because I really think ours was a great success and all the hard work paid off!


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Stop Asking…

Let’s stop asking people personal questions, especially people you just met or barely know.

The main question I am talking about is if someone is going to have a baby. Do people realize they are pretty much asking if someone is having sex and if they are having sex with a purpose? How violating is that, would you go up to someone and ask about their sex life; I think not.

This personal question come in all forms, here are a few I used to get:

“Do you want kids?”

“Are you planning on having a family anytime soon?”

“Are you trying?”

“Was this planned?”

“Is he going to be your only child?”

“Are you going to try for another?”

The question I get all the time now is, “are you going to try for a girl;” as if my 2 amazing boys are not good enough.

The fact of the matter is it is none of your business unless I feel the need to share this personal information with you! Just because you may share does not mean I need to; this information is the business between my husband and I and not you. We also need to keep in mind; not everyone can get pregnant, wants to get pregnant, or has a great experience with being pregnant.  While some people are okay not having kids, some are okay with having plenty, and that is their personal, confidential choice between them and their spouse.

I cannot say I have never asked this question, but I do know what it feels like to be asked…when you are not trying, when you are trying, when you are unsure if you can get pregnant, when you are not getting pregnant, and when you really don’t care either way. We just need to remember this is a very personal question and it may be hurtful, painful, exciting and many other feelings to the person you are asking.  If they want you to know, they will let you know without you asking them. In the last year I have tried to make it my point not to bring up this topic to anyone who does not bring it up first, because I know how personal and violating this question is, so lets please stop asking.

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Our Trip to Utah

We took a trip to Utah last week and over the weekend for my 10 year high school reunion and it was the perfect timing too because Denver was pretty much under water with all the flash flooding!

We arrived in Orem late Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning after driving the complete way in pretty much a down poor of rain, with only a few minute breaks here and there. Brandon had to work Wednesday and I hurt my foot the day before so we took the day easy playing at Brandon’s dad’s house. That evening we stopped by to visit my younger siblings and have dinner with them. Kalvyn is at the cute age of mimicking everything, here is a picture of him trying to lay like my brother, Dakota in the grass.

Just Like Him

On Thursday we had an open lunch at Zupas for anyone who wanted to see and chat with us. We had a great turn out with: Brandon’s 2 sisters, Corrisa and Deanna. Brandon’s best childhood friend, Ryan, his wife Heather, and their daughter Ari. My Uncle Rick, 2 of his daughters, Laticia and Katrina, their son’s Dominik and Cohen, and a family friend Hannah. We put a bunch of tables together and had a great lunch with lots of catching up! Here is a cute picture of Brandon’s best friend, Ryan, his daughter, Ari, Brandon, and Jaymz at the end of our lunch.

Friends at Lunch

Thursday evening we went to my Grandparents home for dinner. Our boys just adore their great-grandparents; they loved playing with them and at our feet while we caught up.

Great Grandpa LundbergGreat Grandma Lundberg

We planned a second day for an open lunch, on Friday but, no one showed up so we enjoyed Taco Amigo ourself!

Eating Lunch at Taco Amigo

Friday afternoon and evening was the family day for my reunion. We went to the homecoming carnival and then to the football game. My boys had lots of fun playing at the carnival and watching the game, which the T-Wolves won!

Timpanogos T-Wolves Homecoming Carnival

Saturday we had an adult only brunch for my high school reunion. It was nice to see people I have not seen since graduating. It was also nice to have a little break from the kids while they enjoyed playing with their cousins.

Timpanogos Class of 2003 High School Reunion

Later on we had a fun family get together at a park in Lindon, the kids played great together and us adults got to chat.

Peay's Playing at the ParkCute Cousins

We also stopped by my other grandparents to say hi quickly before going to the ranch. Jaymz was able to pick some peaches and nectarines off of their trees they have in their backyard…now my little city boy has actually seen where his fruit comes from and it is not just a box from the farmers market or the stand at the grocery store!

Picking Peaches & Nectarines

We then head off to the Peay Family Ranch for the night! The next morning Great Grandma Ranch made breakfast and then ran outside to the four wheeler with my boys for a ride! I love how excited she was to take them on the four wheeler and how she couldn’t wait for Brandon and I!

Great Grandma Ranch

We didn’t want to say good bye and Jaymz told me he wanted to live at the ranch or at least just in Utah, which made my heart break a little.  Although, he was excited to get up and go to school this morning and see all of his friends! We had a great trip and cannot wait until next time!

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Husband and Father Award!

I think Brandon deserves the best husband and father award!

To start our Saturday Brandon got up with the boys and watched cartoons with them so I could sleep a little longer.

He then watched the boys while I went hiking with my friend Felisha and some of her friends to the Garden of the Gods, all day. I had a great time socializing without the kids and I got to enjoy the beauty of Colorado.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the GodsOn my way home I called Brandon and he was at dinner with the boys so I would not have to make anything. We then met up and went to the park; Brandon practiced football with Jaymz, and also played on the playground with them.

Boys Playing Football

Daddy Playing with his BoysWe came home, he helped in getting the boys for bed, we put them down and we are now just relaxing together!

See I told you he deserves an award, he is awesome at taking care of his family!

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Family & Friend Fun Camping Weekend

Jaymz with Baldock Girl'sOur friends the Baldock’s, invited us camping this weekend. We left Friday after Brandon got off work to enjoy a wonderful weekend outdoors. Unfortunately we arrived at the campsite just as the sun set, so we had to set up in the dark and put the boys to bed right away.

CampingSaturday morning, we got up and had breakfast…Melissa made some yummy tin foil breakfast burritos for everyone. Then we ran into Bailey, CO (the closest city) to get the Baldock girls some jackets, because they forgot to grab theirs, and since the weather was a little chilly they really needed them!

Once we got back to camp, we had some more friends join us for the day. We ate tortilla pizzas for lunch that Melissa made, then cooked up S’mores, and played outside.

Eating S'moresPlaying in the DirtI then started dinner, Tin Foil Burritos. I was able to get all 14 Burritos on the coals at one time so we could all eat together! It was good. After dinner our friends who came up for the day left and almost immediately after (lucky them) it started to sprinkle; we hurried to clean up camp and went inside our tent to get out of the rain. We played card games while the kids watched Toy Story on Brandon’s phone until the rain stopped.

The Kids Eating DinnerOnce the rain stopped the Baldock’s went back to their tent to go to bed, but their poor tent had leaked through and their sleeping bags got wet so they slept in their car with some blankets.

Sunday morning I made a big breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Hash-Browns, and Fresh Fruit. It was really yummy and the fruit was a huge hit with the kids; we had only a few pieces of pineapple left! We then relaxed around and packed up a little bit. When it was time for lunch, we roasted Hot Dogs over the fire. After lunch, Melissa made campfire cones for dessert, which were so yummy!

Eating Campfire ConesIt was time to go home so we finished packing up and set out for showers at home, but we also got rain showers about 10 minutes after getting on the road (lucky us) so it was a good thing we left when we did!

All in all my boys loved being outside in the dirt all weekend and having friends to play with! The only issue, again was, it was a little chilly and wet weather! We had a great time relaxing and enjoying this wonderful planet we live on.

Kiera & Jaymz Jaymz & Kiera, Buddies, Helpers, & Friends!

Bucket Hat!

Flowers for MamaLast Pic, Flowers for Mama…my sweet boys brought me flowers all weekend!

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I love how my boys are growing up loving one another while being wonderful brothers!

Jaymz’s shares with Kalvyn and Kalvyn wants to be just like Jaymz!


I find little moments like these show everyday that these little ones love each other, through playing, sharing, cuddles, and just being cute little boys! Brandon and I must be doing something right to have such wonderful boys who are also loving brothers!

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Celebrating America’s Independence

We spent a few days celebrating our countries independence this past week.

We started with Independence Eve at Civic Park. We rode the city bus downtown to the park so we didnt have to deal with parking or traffic…this was Kalvyn and my 1st time riding Denver’s bus system, so we needed some help from Jaymz (and Brandon) to know what to do since they are pros.

We ate dinner there in the park, getting some yummy food from the food trucks. We then waited by playing together on our blanket until the symphony started playing some wonderful music and then we watched the beautiful fireworks to finish the night.

Jaymz said this on the bus ride home, “I loved the music and fireworks best, I am so happy we were able to see them!”

We slept in on Independence Day since we were up so late the night before. Once we got up and ready, we headed up to Breckenridge to meet up with Brandon’s cousin Ashley and her family. Her son Jayden is the same age as Jaymz and these boys become little buddies fast! They played with his train-set for a few hours before we went to dinner at The Island Grill at Frisco Bay, where Justin, Ashley’s husband works and where the fireworks were going to be. We ate lots of food and let the boys run and play while we waited for the fireworks!

Brandon headed back to Denver that night so he could work on Friday.  I stayed up in Breckenridge to let the boys have a sleepover and playdate the next day, while Ashley and Justin worked. The boys woke up super early and started to play with the train-set again! They played really good together throughout the day until Ashley got off work. We then went back to The Island Grill at Frisco Bay to let the boys play on the playground and listen to live music while we waited for Brandon to get off work and drive back up.

Once Brandon got there we went to eat some pizza at Peppino’s Pizza & Subs. When we were done with dinner we met up with Justin because he was still working. All the boys went back to the house, while Ashley and I went to see her friend play some music. After the music Brandon and I packed up and drove home.

On Saturday Brad, Brandon’s Dad, and Melissa, rode the motorcycle through Denver to have lunch with us at the Denver Biscuit Company. It was so fun to see and visit with them. My boys adore their Grandpa and it was very sweet of them to drive out of their way to have lunch with us.

Now we are home resting after such a fun few days celebrating our freedom!

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