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Valentine Gifts 2014

I love Valentine’s, but I am a little sad this month has been so busy & I have not been able to do all I planned with my boys. Although I am very excited to do Jaymz’s class party tomorrow & watch him hand out his cute Valentine’s to his teachers & friends.

Here are his cute Valentine’s this year:

We choose to do Crush Valentine’s for Jaymz’s teachers & he has a lot of them…his main teacher, a student teacher, & a para which is a teacher’s helper in the classroom. Then he also has his art, drama, PE, & spanish teachers. He also wanted to include the liberian, so we had a lot to do but not a lot to spend. We found the 6 pack of glass bottled Strawberry Crush Soda at 1 Walmart in the Denver area after calling all around the entire city. I was so happy because I did not have to order them online & pay for shipping & the 6 pack was only $3.38. I then took Jaymz’s pictures from our photo shoot we did earlier this month here at home, made the tag & printed it as a 4×6 through Costco for $0.13 each making these little Valentin’s very cost effective; only being about $0.70 each without tax!

Strawberry Crush Teacher ValentineNext was Jaymz’s classmates & friends Valentines. I saw this cute Army Valentine online & fell in love but could not find nice little army men for a good price anywhere. One day we were at the Dollar Tree thinking we will just go with whatever they have…which their little ones really looked cheep & crappy; then we saw some larger army men with 4 in one package meaning they were 4 for a $1 & decided to just do it. I made the tag on the computer & printed it at home onto card stock I already had, so these ended up about $0.25 each without tax because I also already had the twine. I love them and think they are one of the the cutest non candy Valentines I have seen!

Army Troop Valentine

Last was our cards to send to our family from both boys. I took pictures from our photo shoot we did earlier this month & made cards just like the tags for the Crush Valentines. I also printed them at Costco, bought a large package of plain white envelopes, paid for stamps (the most expensive part) & mailed these cute babies to our family!

Boys Valentine's Card I hope you all enjoy the LOVE & have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!!

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