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A New Look…

We went to Floyd’s Barbershop tonight (recomemded to us by a friend today) and got the boys haircut and they look completely different!

Before & During Jaymz's New HaircutJaymz has been asking for a while now to get his haircut and I kept saying just let it grow. I came to the realization that it was to the point that he didn’t want to do his hair anymore and it just looked way too shaggy, so I gave in and let him cut it! It is super cute and super short, but he loves it and looks so much more mature!

Handsome Little Man, After His Haircut

Before Kalvyn's 1st HaircutKalvyn on the other hand had a full mullet going on, cute none the less, but it was time to say goodbye to his long baby curls in the back. He pretty much got the same cut as Jaymz just longer on top because he still doesn’t really have bangs. The bangs you do see are coming from the middle of his head and are not really bangs. From the front I can’t tell much of a difference, just a little cleaned up, but when I see the back it makes me sad because his curls and long hair is all gone which make him look like a big boy and not my baby!

Kalvyn Getting His 1st HaircutCute Sleepy Boy After His 1st HaircutOn a side note Brandon also got his haircut, he is growing it out so he just got it cleaned up so it does’t look as shaggy…no pictures of him because I was taking care of my little boys and getting pictures of them!

We really enjoyed Floyd’s Barbershop which had a fun atmosphere, very reasonable prices and friendly stylists who were also great with kids and made us feel very comfortable. It might be our new haircutting place if we are not planning on going to Utah to have Deanna, Brandon’s sister cut our hair.

Loving Each Other After Their HaircutsI think this pic is really cute, to me it looks like they are hugging and loving on each other to make sure they are still brothers, since they look so different!

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  1. Joy Lundberg Feb 28th 2014

    They look so sharp. Cuter than ever. Great haircuts. Great pictures of our adorable great grandsons. Love you and them soooo much! Grandma L.

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