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Holiday Card 2013

We are enjoying our wonderful life one day at a time!

Holiday Card 2013

This is our holiday card I designed, it was the 3rd one I did this year because I didn’t love the other 2. I hope you all enjoy it and we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and new year!

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Kids in the Kitchen: Gingerbread House

Our Elf on the Shelf, Lox brought us a gingerbread house to put together and decorate yesterday.

Our Elf on the Shelf bringing us a Gingerbread House to DecorateI found that I am just as inpatient as the kids because I did not wait for the frosting to set before we started decorating and it ended up collapsing. Thank goodness I was able to salvage it!

Our Gingerbread HouseI think decorating the gingerbread house was just about eating candy for Kalvyn, I kept catching Kalvyn shoveling candy in his mouth. I would tell him to decorate the house, so he would put a piece or two on then eat some more…it was too funny, he would also get mad at us for decorating the house with the candy he wanted to eat.

Jaymz enjoyed the candy and the decorating…he was a little sad that our house didn’t look like the picture but was happy it was still standing in the end.

Lox, Our Elf on the Shelf loving our Gingerbread HouseWe woke up this morning to our elf loving our gingerbread house…thank goodness it is still standing!

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Kids in the Kitchen: Making Butter

I want to start having my boys help me in the kitchen once a week at the very least. I feel it is very important to have children in the kitchen, especially when their mommy is in the kitchen as much as I am! I am going to be sharing what we do in the kitchen and our experiences with you.

I thought about what my boys could do to help with Thanksgiving dinner this past week and it came to me; make homemade butter…it keeps them busy and they feel accomplished when it is completed.

My Kids Making ButterOur homemade butter took longer than we expected with the kids because they do not shake as hard and they get bored/tired a lot easier. Brandon also had to finish the jar because Jaymz decided that he would shake it so hard to hurry and finish it but he hit his lip, giving himself a fat lip instead!

To make our butter we took a mason jar, filled it half full with heavy whipping cream, put the lid on it and shook for about 15-20 minutes.

My boys were so excited to butter their rolls with the butter we made on Thanksgiving and I am so happy they enjoyed being in the kitchen with me.

Buttering Our Homemade Dinner Rolls

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What’s for Dinner: Stuffing French Toast

I made this yummy Stuffing French Toast with cranberry syrup for brunch, it was really yummy and something a little different than regular Thanksgiving leftovers.

Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing French Toast & Cranberry SyrupI got the idea for waffles from the left over stuffing from friends and I saw it online somewhere. Unfortunately we do not have a waffle maker because ours broke a while back and we are on a strict budget where there is no money right now to purchase a new one, so I made do and thought of what I did have.

I first thought to use a flat pan and make it like a pancake but I wondered if it would fall apart, then I realized I have a cast iron grill pan with cast iron panini press so I put our left over stuffing in it until it was completely hot all the way though.

While the stuffing was warming up I took half a cup of maple syrup and some leftover cranberry sauce heated it until boiling. Once they were both heated I served up this yummy brunch.

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Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here is Colorado.

I made our dinner from scratch here in my small home with the smallest kitchen and enjoyed it with my wonderful boys.

Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner in Denver, ColoradoThen Kalvyn decided he was done and did what he always does…

Thanksgiving Dinner on the FloorCan anyone help me with this? I cleaned up, put him down for a nap right after this happened and then we enjoyed the rest of our dinner.

After Kalvyn woke up from his nap we drove up to Breckenridge to have dessert with Brandon’s cousin Ashely, her family, and some friends of theirs. It was great to spend time with extended family because it wasn’t completely feeling like Thanksgiving until then. We let the boys play all night because they played so well together and we kept chatting away, but I really think we stayed a little too late because Ashley had to get up in the morning to work (sorry for keeping you up so late).

Kids Eating their Pumpkin & Apple Pie for ThanksgivingI am so thankful for my husband and all that he does for me and our boys…such as working hard and providing for us so I can stay at home and do what I enjoy best. I am also so thankful for my boys and how much joy they give me, even when they are naughty, because this teaches me to be more patient. Lastly, I am thankful for where I am today after all that I have been through in my life; I realize a lot of other people would have made different decisions, but I am me and I am grateful for where I am.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving because I know we did!

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Family Pictures Winter 2013

Our friend Tammy, with Estrella Photography took our family pictures this year here in Denver, because we are saving money and not going back to Utah. My boys were super playful and I am glad she was able to capture them and their cuteness! I am also so thankful that Jaymz’s awkward cheese is over (for the most part) and he will give a genuine smile.

Here are a few of my favorites that didn’t make it on our Holiday card this year:

The Peay Family Pictures in Downtown Denver

The Peay Boys

Watching Our Cute Little Goofy Boy!

 We are the Cutest Couple, we Love Each Other!

Big Brother, Jaymz

Little Brother, Kalvyn or Bugga

Peay Family Pictures in Downtown Denver

Remember to keep your eyes open for our Holiday card in the mail or on here, it should be mailed out and posted sometime after Thanksgiving…I really love hearing what you think of it since I take so much time designing it!

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Initiation into Elementary School

I have been told that there is an initiation into elementary school that is not if you get it, but when you get it and I am not pleased about this, because it is lice.

On Tuesday we found out that lice was going around in Jaymz’s class at school. We also found out that Jaymz had very high chance of having it, but the school nurse was not completely sure if it was lice or just product in his hair. I called our pediatrician to see what to do and they told me NOT to use the chemical treatment shampoo unless we were sure he had lice because the chemicals are really hard on the head.

Of course I got online to do my own research to see what I thought…he did not have anything around the ears or neckline, which is the usual place lice likes to be and in the pictures I saw there seemed to be a lot of eggs or bugs in the hair. I finally ran across one picture that looked kind of similar to what Jaymz had, white spots throughout two sections of his hair that looked like hair product left behind. I decided to call the pediatrician back and told them exactly what I saw. The nurse said it could quite possibly be lice or just product left behind. She told me it was up to me if I wanted to do the treatment to give me peace of mind since it was in his class with more than one other student, but to make sure I also knew that the chemicals were really hard on children’s heads and to be careful if I decided to do it.

Brandon and I decided to go ahead with having peace of mind to do the treatment and it was one of the longest nights of my life! I cleaned the entire house, washed all of our clothes and sheets, spayed the house with disinfectant and lice killer spray, and did the shampoo treatment on Jaymz finishing up with Jaymz at about 10 and I finally stopped between 12 and 1.

Start of the Lice Treatment, Olive Oil Head

Waiting for the Lice Treatment Shampoo to Finish

While doing the treatment on Jaymz I found little a lot of grey & white dots, the eggs/nits and 2 itty bitty bugs in his hair, but they each looked different so I went back online and did some more research. I found, one was an adult lice and the other was a baby lice. It made me super sick to my stomach to think my baby had this on his head, but I am extremely grateful for the school, the teachers and that we decided to do the treatment because this could have been a lot worse!

Now I am disinfecting everything daily, checking Jaymz and Kalvyn’s hair daily and waiting for 7 days to do the second treatment, then we should be home free and hopefully we will have our initiation into elementary school complete and we never, ever see this again!

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What’s for Dinner: Pumpkin Ravioli

I found this Pumpkin Ravioli last month while on Pinterest and I finally decided to try it.

Yummy Pumpkin RavioliOh my gosh, the noodles where silky smooth even though they where completely whole wheat and the pumpkin was so good with the sausage (who would of thought)! I think I will use this homemade pasta recipe all the time because I was in love and so was my family!

The only thing I changed on the recipe was I used original ground sausage instead of spicy sausage so the kids would eat it and that is what I had in my freezer. I also didn’t have any spinach on hand so I just left it out.

I would definitely recommend trying this recipe, even if it is just for the noodles but is was a great combination of flavors.

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Lunch Date

I decided to make Jaymz feel extra special and have a lunch date with him at school for my birthday lunch!

My Birthday Lunch DateJaymz has been asking for a while now to eat hot lunch at school but I wanted to go with him & make sure he knew what to do when he gets school lunch. Today was a perfect day, Brandon was working from home, it was during Kalvyn’s nap time and I didn’t have anything else to do, plus he knows we eat out special on our birthdays.

The only problem was that lunch wasn’t really what I or Jaymz wanted but we decided to make the best of it and have a lunch date anyways.

Eating his 1st School LunchOnce arriving to the school Jaymz ran over and gave me a hug, he was so happy his mama was eating lunch with him! He had already told his teacher that I was coming to lunch with him for my birthday! We then walked to the lunchroom with the class and got our lunch, homemade pizza and sat down at a table that two of his friends had picked out and ate our lunch as fast as we could before time was up. Jaymz did really well with just a little bit of food left even though it wasn’t the best food.

Finishing Up LunchIt was so fun to see him get excited about choosing strawberry milk and fruit, he didn’t really care about anything else…I must be teaching him right if he gets excited over fruit and milk! I stayed at the school until it was out because it was early out day. I hope he had a good lunch with me because I know days like this are limited and I am cherishing these special moments.

Being Goofy!

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School Pictures 2013

My little kindergartener in his school pictures this year, he choose what uniform he wanted to wear:

Jaymz's Kindergarten PictureIt is plain and not the best picture of my little man, but it shows what he looks like everyday going to school and he is so cute every single day!

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